The King's Man

The King's Man

Matthew Vaughn is still directing the movie The King's Man, but it seems that the style of the film has changed a bit, in a more serious direction. The film is set in World War I, uncovering the undisclosed secrets of the origin of the Kingsman - Britain's mysterious intelligence agency.

The villains of history's evil tyrants and criminals band together to execute a plan to purge millions of people, with early Kingsman agents racing to prevent this tragedy.

A small hint is that you will have to get acquainted with a completely new cast of characters, the main cast of the film includes Harris Dickinson as Conrad, Aaron. The good news is that Stanley Tucci will return as Merlin.

The film also appears many famous actors in the roles of real historical figures. in which Liam Neeson plays Earl Herbert Kitchener - Former Secretary of War of Great Britain

Director Matthew Vaughn said at Comic-Con last year: "We're somehow going to uncover the reasons why style makes a man. We'll discover why my favorite lines in the movie are so popular, just like who people think you are and what your personality is.

The director also shared more about the film's plot: "This is a fable and the first world war happened because of some crazy politicians and political movements got out of control. Everyone thought that there could be no war, and then it happened as if by fate. We are in the midst of a tumultuous time."

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